Scientists involved in the project

A high-profile team of twenty-four academics take part in this NATO effort, from eight institutions based in the EU, the Caucasus and the U.S..

Tibaldi_40px Alessandro Tibaldi – University of Milan-Bicocca, Italy
Mariotto_40px Federico Pasquaré Mariotto – Insubria University, Italy
Gierke_40px John Gierke – Michigan Technological University, USA
Oomen 40px Thomas Oommen – Michigan Technological University, USA
Rust_40px Derek Rust – University of Portsmouth, UK
Aiugl_40px Aigul Sultanbekova – University of Kazakhstan
Babayev_40px Gulam Babayev – Geology Institute ANAS, Azerbaijan

Chief Scientists
Tsereteli_40px Nino Tsereteli – Institute of Geophysics, Georgia
nophoto_40px Otar Varazanashvili – Institute of Geophysics, Georgia
nophoto_40px Vakhtang Arabidze – Institute of Geophysics, Georgia
nophoto_40px Emili Tsereteli – Institute of Geophysics, Georgia

Senior Researchers
Oppizzi_40px Paolo Oppizzi –, Switzerland
nophoto_40px Nurana Novruzova – Geology Institute ANAS, Azerbaijan
nophoto_40px Victor Alania – Institute of Geophysics, Georgia
nophoto_40px Sergo Gogmachadze – Institute of Geophysics, Georgia
nophoto_40px David Odilavadze – Institute of Geophysics, Georgia
nophoto_40px Onise Enuqidze – Institute of Geophysics, Georgia

Young Researchers
Bonali_40px Fabio Luca Bonali – University of Milan-Bicocca, Italy
nophoto_40px Aleksndre Gventsadze – Institute of Geophysics, Georgia
nophoto_40px Nino Kvavadze – Institute of Geophysics, Georgia
nophoto_40px Irina Khvedelidze – Institute of Geophysics, Georgia
nophoto_40px Giorgi Gaphrindashvili – Institute of Geophysics, Georgia
nophoto_40px Guram Chaganava – Institute of Geophysics, Georgia
nophoto_40px Andrey A. Krivchenko – University of Kazakhstan, Kazakhstan
nophoto_40px Rafig Safarov – Geology Institute ANAS, Azerbaijan
nophoto_40px Samir Mammadov – Geology Institute ANAS, Azerbaijan
nophoto_40px Elena Russo – University of Milan-Bicocca, Italy
nophoto_40px Zurab Gogoladze – Institute of Geophysics, Georgia

MSc Candidate
Acciaro_40px Maria Diletta Acciaro – Michigan Technological University, USA

BSc Candidate
nophoto_40px Valentina Rigoni – University of Milan-Bicocca, Italy

Volunteers and Collaborators
Paolini_40px Marco Antonio Paolini – Cultural Heritages Researcher