Our work is intended to present the new macroseismic intensity database for the Republic of Georgia – hereby named GeoInt – which includes earthquakes from the historical (from 1250 B.C. onwards) to the instrumental era. Such database is composed of 111 earthquakes and 3957 Intensity Data Points (IDPs) reported in the Medvedev-Sponheuer-Karnik scale (MSK). Regarding the earthquakes, the Ms is in the 3.3-7 range and the depth is in the 2-36 km range. The entire set of IDPs is characterized by intensities ranging from 2-3 to 9-10 and covers an area spanning from 39.508°N to 45.043°N in a N-S direction and from 37.324°E to 48.500°E in an E-W direction, with some of the IDPs located outside the Georgian border, in the: i) Republic of Armenia; ii) Russian Federation; iii) Republic of Turkey; and iv) Republic of Azerbaijan. We have revised each single IDP, and have reevaluated and homogenized intensity values to the MSK scale. In particular, regarding the whole set of 3957 IDPs, 348 belong to the Historical era (pre-1900) and 3609 belong to the instrumental era (post- 1900). With particular regard to the 3609 IDPs, 102 are brand new (3 %), whereas the intensity values for 794 IPDs have been reevaluated (22 %); for 2713 IDPs (75 %), intensities have been confirmed from previous interpretations.